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Rochester Squash Racquets Annual General Membership meeting 18 June ’13

09.02.2013 · Posted in General

Minutes from AGM
Present: Doug Bennett, Bridget Borsa, Ron Cavellier, Thompson Chew, Karl John David, Bret DuBeshter, Tom Fantauzzo, Jack Fitzpatrick, Armand Gallucci, Bob Good, Alex Green, Bill Lampeter, Mithun Mukherjee, Chip Nimick, Dick Rice, Jason Robin, Sarah (U of R), Morgan Smith, John Walsh, Alex Witaker,

Treasurer’s report:
– The endowment has $45,980
– The bylaws allow for $2k/yr. for projects
– We raised $700 less this year than last for Pro/Am
– Member ship has declined (US Squash)
– 140 Dues paying members

Armand: Presents some ideas regarding fund raising and the possibility of a higher value Pro tournament.

John Walsh: presents some financial data
Where the money is spent:
– 85% Pro tournament
– 8% City leagues
– 5% Events
– 2% other
City League participation (US Squash)
A discussion on expansion of league play follows, the example of kick ball leagues expanding in three years to 5K people is mentioned.
Mithun mentions NY Squash (City) rebranding/promotion success. Karl J.D. suggests reducing price of entry for young players.

John Walsh: Candidates for the Board:
President: John Walsh
VP: Jack Fitzpatrick
League Coordinator: Doug Bennett
Treasurer: Bill Lampeter
Secretary: Morgan Smith
Club Representatives:
Harrow: Bridget Borsa
Med. Center: Ron Cavellier
Midtown: Armand Gallucci
At large Members: Thompson Chew, Karl John David
Mithun will step down from webmaster and tournament director duties

Urban Squash: John Walsh and Sarah have begun work with a charter school group, and are in continuing discussions with grant and sponsor organizations.
On-line voting will establish RSRA financial involvement where appropriate.

4 Responses to “Rochester Squash Racquets Annual General Membership meeting 18 June ’13”

  1. doreen smethurst says:

    Reading the minutes of June, it seems that a disproportionate amount of RSRA’s budget – 85% goes to the Pro Am which is attended by mostly the same people each year. A small donation taken at the door might help with the shortfall – other cities charge for tickets unless the person has already donated so why doesn’t RSRA? The Pro Am is great but RSRA’s time and financial commitment to this annual event is possibly at the expense of growing the membership.

    As membership is declining, perhaps it might be worth considering putting more money in to attracting new local players,increasing public awareness of RSRA by having more events, socials, clinics etc.,

  2. Doreen has the right idea. Lots of excuses as to why RSRA membership is declining as reflected in the City League numbers. The requirement to join US Squash and see the majority of that membership money go out of town is one reason I’ll not play in the City League this season. The fact that much revenue is sent out of town and nothing of value comes back to strengthen and grow Squash in Rochester is, quite frankly, beyond puzzling. It seems in fact to be self-defeating.
    Why not drop that valueless affiliation, make the annual dues $50 and use the funds to do more Squash events, marketing etc. Enough of the “old school” stuff.

  3. Bill Lampeter says:

    As RSRA treasurer, responsible for the finances of the ProAm I can assure Doreen that the event is self-funding to the extent that it has for the past several years been a net contributor to the RSRA. That event has increased the RSRA’s assets.

    As an RSRA board member, I encourage our members to propose ways to increase membership and to attract new players to the game. Supporting the growth and enjoyment of squash in Rochester is the RSRA’s mission. Our monthly board meetings are open to the Rochester squash community; we welcome your ideas, energy and financial support to encourage and grow squash in Rochester.

  4. doreen smethurst says:

    browsing and saw Bill’s response. Glad that the ProAm is self funding however, if this is the case then why not direct our endowment to the amount we are allowed to fund Urban Squash, have more mixers, socials etc., more publicity about RSRA would help – so few people know about squash – they think it is racquetball or a vegetable.

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